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The objective is to make every feature and benefit of your home and location apparent, and show each one in it's best light. My expertise lies here and I employ top professional service providers to assist me in making your home stand out..
Naturally as a local Realtor I'm familiar with the obvious benefits of your neighborhood; but there is a process to make my knowledge deeper and more personal for the marketing of your unique property. Your knowledge is invaluable to expand mine and help sell your home. First we consider what brought you to your current home. Every feature that attracted you to your home and area may help bring a new buyer. You may have forgotten some of the benefits that attracted you but I encourage you to revisit your purchase and make a list of all features you can think of. Next consider the benefits you discovered, after you moved in, that gave pleasure or convenience, and add them to the list. We'll also review all the advertised benefits of your neighborhood, from city hall marketing literature to promotion by local interest groups, be they walking, jogging or birdwatching, etc. I examine your unique situation thoroughly and together we will refine my presentation of your property so it is absolutely comprehensive, highly attractive to you, and designed to appeal to the widest possible audience. 


My job is to get you top market value as quickly as possible.
I use the most up-to-date marketing methods, 24 hour online presence in many sites, and  varied social media to assure maximum exposure for your property to the appropriate audience. High quality professional Photos, Videos, Brochures, Floorplans and Print Media all contribute to achieving a sale. The millions of visitors to our Royal LePage websites helps give buyers confidence in the representation of your home.
My refined use of the Multiple Listing System (MLS) is the backbone of my marketing efforts as there are over 18,000 Realtors in the lower mainland, and any one of them may have the ideal buyer for your property working with them. 
Along with the refined presentation of your property,  my responsive communication and unsurpassed cooperation with interested Realtors are fundamental for the quickest sale at the best possible price. These have been key factors in my successfully selling my listings.
Along with the utmost in cooperation with buyers and other Realtors it is my responsibility to confirm that all people who physically view your home are actually "ready, willing and able" to purchase in your price range. Those that aren't qualified simply don't visit your home. 
We have strict measures implemented regarding Covid 19.
Feel free to give me a call at 604-329-HELP (4357).  I'll be pleased to answer your questions.


Downsizing involves making reductions to achieve a happy life that's more efficient, secure and fun, with less ongoing effort and expense.
Most people start by writing down all possible goals of moving, even the non essential that will be just nice to have. This allows you to work on a plan that is tailored to your specific needs and wants.
Studies show that choosing a practical convenient location, within a compatible neighborhood, is paramount, followed closely by budgeting well within one's means. Ease of maintenance is important as hobbies,friends and travel beckon. I have helped many to find a suitable smaller property and would enjoy sharing my experience to facilitate your important move.


A smaller property will allow more time for healthy activities, hobbies and socializing. Planning for the right location with these ideas in mind is essential.
It can be fun and educational to share your thoughts with family and friends as their input can stimulate new perspectives and new ideas for you to consider.
BBQ's and get together's - focusing on your moving ideas - can make this a very enjoyable process! Most people are happy to share some thoughts with you. 
Most people also hope this process leads to contented living that will make the new home permanent. It's worth the planning effort.
Call me and I'll be delighted to help you get started.


Change is ongoing in everyone's life and it's usually impossible to foresee all potentialities. 
Chore's around the house normally become more onerous as we age.
As properties age increased maintenance costs become a factor.
It can be enlightening to consider maintenance reduced living before it's a necessity.
The simple act of planning ahead will bring to mind things you normally don't consider.
If you give me a call I can share with you the experiences of others. 604-329-HELP(4357)
Let's talk.


Creating the home of your dreams is exciting, even inspiring!
However, having a new home built can be very stressful, and without guidance, independent of the contractors involved, often is. Sad stories abound about this event, which should be richly rewarding, descending into a miserable experience.
On the other hand, having an approachable patient and trustworthy advisor who is passionate about his conviction to work with you and bring harmony to the process/interaction of the necessary parties, can provide the support and point of reference to achieve a gratifying process. 
I have helped people evaluate and buy the property on which to build the home of their dreams; and helped with choosing and refining custom home plans based on their location, site plan, views, long term objectives, mobility, safety, etc. I've also designed and had my own custom home built, on a view lot in a lovely subdivision in Tsawwassen. 
Choosing the right person to help you must be based on ease of communication, a recognition of compatible core values regarding organization, cooperation and accountability, and your gut feelings. I welcome your call.

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