Buying real estate is a major step as prices and costs are so high.
As a first time buyer you likely lack experience which can make the process time consuming, frustrating and expensive. I would like to make it enjoyable and efficient.
The market is complex, and fast paced due to the sheer numbers of buyers and  the extreme competition for good properties and good deals.
 Use my expert guidance and superior service to get the knowledge and confidence you need to "buy smart" and profit from your decision to buy.
I will be with you at every step, guiding around pitfalls and towards an intelligent choice. 
Family and friends of my first time buyers have complimented me for my patience and thoroughness. I cherish hearing this.
If you're thinking about real estate let's talk.


Our first step is to uncover what you're looking for. I'll help prepare a customized checklist of your needs that you can confirm is accurate and complete, and refine as you need, so you and I remain on the same page.
Second, we'll review and discuss all likely costs and expenses so your budget is correct.
Third is a review of the best mortgages available and pre-approval for the amount you need. You'll get the best rates available as hundreds of mortgage specialists compete daily for business from Royal LePage's sales team of 16,000+ Realtor's. 
Finally, you can shop with confidence knowing the amount you need is available and with the security of a commitment holding the best interest rate for you. 


Following the criteria you've chosen I'll set up an ongoing search that will find all new listings that match your needs the minute they're available. 
These listings will be forwarded to you immediately but you can review them at your convenience and then let me know those you'd like more information on, and those you'd like to make an appointment to view.
We'll set up appointments as quickly as is practical with your availability.
Based on your likes and dislikes of the first few homes you see we'll refine your search parameters to better help find your potential dream home. 
Viewing homes is a learning process to which I will contribute all I can to assist you in making a wise choice and getting a good deal.
Keep in mind that talking to neighbors and viewing the neighborhood at different times of the day, evenings and weekends can be very educational and I highly recommend it.


When you find that special property you want to make an offer on I move very quickly to provide every bit of information that can help you determine what it's worth to you: how much you want to offer for it. 
To make a smart offer we'll analyse all important variables; location, neighborhood, lot size, house size, age, style, quality of construction, renovations, maintenance, condition and amenities and identify comparable properties that have recently sold or are listed for sale. The prices and sales prices of these comparables can help guide you and give you market confidence. We will also consider property assessment, tax information and the listing and sales history of your chosen property and those you feel are most comparable. 
A secondary benefit of this analysis is it can be used to influence the sellers to respect your offer as realistic and one they should accept when presented.
As your agent I will also uncover what factors, other than price, are important to the sellers; all for your advantage.
Each set of owners will have a number of unique needs, which I will discover, but timing of the sale, the completion date, is always important, and a mortgage commitment is essential for sellers to take an offer seriously.


Your professional home inspection will reveal problems and needed maintenance. It's best to get estimates of the costs to remedy these things and take the cost into final negotiations.

Finding a property you love is exciting but it's a big move and all costs must be factored in so there are no unforeseen costs after moving in.
I have a lot of experience in scrutinizing properties and will use all my expertise for your benefit.